Tedd Smith’s Requiem for a Nobody (Light Records) 1971



First of all, this record is not something that you need. I bought it because it is out of print, the track I found on youtube is quite nice, and the cover is quite desolate looking. Since original copies were sort of expensive in decent shape, I thought that the remainder of the music must be good. However, the recurring themes of “Requiem/ Help Wanted” and “Pictures” sometimes makes the album sound like these are the only songs on the album.

The next track, “Pictures” is a slow and tender track. Probably not what most people would like. This song’s theme is recurring on side two.

After this, “It’s Gonna Be All Right” is (thankfully) a more upbeat number complete with wah pedal, organ, and chorus. A real foot-stomper.

“And He’s Well Respected”, turns down the tempo yet again.  It’s about a perfect father and provider for his family  as the lyrics demonstrate: …”He’s a right on fella, with a right on future with a right on friend”. 

The last song on side one, “Polly”, feature some intense Christian-downer lyrics.  “Polly Polly all so pretty/ living on coke and potato chips./ in between cocaine and vitamin trips/just like her best friend /she died because she flew too high/ she couldn’t come down/except when they lowered her into the ground.” 


The first track on side two, “Why Can’t We Love One Another?” Is more upbeat, with three or four vocalists singing the same lines…”We got love in our hearts…Up With People come to mind for some reason.


“Hoping for More” just like the last song on side one, it deals with substance abuse, working too much, mother’s dying and the seven kids are left to polish the floors, and other maudlin themes.

The next song, “Don’t I Know You?” is more upbeat, and more memorable with an almost lounge-style singer with just the right amount of vibrato in his voice followed by some tight organ jabs and Vegas glam. Not bad.

“Remember Me”… with lyrics like “I’m the one who carried the gun/remember me… seems like 200 years ago, got into this hospital bed… with other guys all around me that cried…they got the better of me…hospital beds and guys that are dead, (perhaps my favorite rhyme of the entire album) complete with some Free Design influenced music.

“See How They Run”… That same lounge-y singer comes back to give us just the right amount of drip to the lyrics with some “psychedelic” style guitar in the background. Not bad.


“Going Where”  features some more searching, and tender lyrics. Sounds vaguely similar to the songs “Pictures” and “Polly”. Some funky bass lines are featured way down in the mix- almost. not. even. there.

“Hiding” Starts with the same sad sounding theme from the song, “Pictures” and then twists into an almost Scooby-Doo night time theme, then morphs into the last song “Requiem/ Help Wanted Reprise”, which unfortunately is the exact same song from the beginning of side 1.


Given that from the back cover it says that it is:  a theatre or sanctuary piece for adult/ youth choirs and soloists, one can be more forgiving, I suppose. But it makes me wonder if any church preformed this whopper of a downer with some surprisingly unexpected and amusing rhymes tossed in along the way.

The album is available on youtube, if you would like to enjoy this slice of oddity on the Light record label!

 Tedd Smith’s Requiem For A Nobody 1971 Full Lp

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