Love Song 1971 Good News Records

love song

This album is one of the more memorable albums to come out of the Jesus Movement in the early 1970’s. As a result, it can be had for less than $15.00 in decent shape.

The main song writer, Chuck Girard had been a member of the Hondells and Castells in the 1960’s. Denny Corvell later on joined the group and was a member of the rock band, Blues Image. The members of the band at the time this album was recorded were: Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax, and Fred Field.

I don’t know how many times I’ve passed by this non-nonchalant looking cover in thrift stores. If I had bothered to look at the back cover, featuring their portrait of all band members having long hair save for one guy with sort of a ‘fro, I would’ve for sure purchased this sooner.  As you might have guessed, it is a Jesus themed album, yet with more subtle cues to the religion and nicely executed.

The first song, “Love Song is a tender number with nice harmonies, and features an electric harpsichord which is vaguely reminiscent of  some of the tracks on The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

Changes, the next track is more upbeat, yet short featuring a metamorphosing kind of feel to keep with the theme.

“Two Hands” is a harmonizing slower number about reaching out to Jesus and bringing a friend along for the ride.

“Little Country Church” features some tasty slightly falsetto lyrics and a funky beat, almost like a Three Dog Night number.

“Freedom” features  All Things Must Pass era guitars, and nice drum fills. Then come in the Beatles style guitars and melody. A very well done song.

“Welcome Back”, the last track keeps the momentum of the album going. It’s thankfully not a John Sebastian cover, yet it’s a song with melodies that almost sounds like Oh Girl by Chi-Lites at times, yet thoroughly their own. It’s a song about forgetting about Jesus for a while, but coming back to him as in the line “Welcome back to the things you knew you  believed in.”

Side two begins with the track, “Front Seat, Back Seat” sounds almost like a Pure Prairie League song, yet completely new. It’s about letting God do the driving, since he is the one that is in charge.

“Let Us Be One” has an America-ish sound to it. A nicely flowing tune.

“And The Wind Was Low” a slower tempo tune, yet it doesn’t lose the listener’s interest even it has elements of Air Supply thrown in the mix, it’s never cliche.


“A Brand New Song”,  has the same harmonies as featured in the other tunes. It’s a nice sort of new tune for [the new then] decade. Has some McCartney sounding guitars placed at just the right moments.

The last track until the reprise of the first track, ” Feel The Love” features Chuck singing with piano, bass, drums, guitars. The composition builds to the chorus of  Feel the Love which is the best part of the song. One can definitely hear the Beatles influence in the track.

Someone on youtube put together an eleven track playlist of the album. Enjoy!

Love Song Full Album Playlist

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