The Rhodes Kids: Add A Little Beauty To The World (RHO CAM, 197-)



Yet another record that I would’ve passed up despite seeing it time after time in every Goodwill shop sandwiched between  countless Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass and Anne Murray records. The price was right this time, and a little voice told me to buy it. So I listened to my inner voice and bought it for Seventy-Seven cents.

I enjoy looking at records of all kinds, and especially love buying albums where the band-mates pen their own songs. On this recording there are only three original songs. The remainders of the lot are all covers and ‘medleys’–a staple of the Rhodes Kids. Fortunately, the songs are all very good- complete with competent and skillful musicians. Heck, when the band shouts out “Marsha”, the 14-year old drummer frantically plays a variation of the Beatles drum solo from the song “The End”, and it is filled with passion abound. It’s the surprises like this that keep the listener engaged. Plus, those matching lavender and white leisure suits replete with intricate macrame stitching made me think: “Hey, these guys are serious about the songs!”


From the  back cover, the bio’s are quite amusing (and probably another reason why I bought the record in the first place).

“Paul: This handsome, blue-eyed redhead plays sax, clarinet, flute, bass guitar, drums, piano, and organ, and at 20, is a Pre-Med student at the University of Houston.  He’s also a member of the National Honor Society and his hobbies are music and electronics.


Ron is 18 years old, is tall, slim, and dark-haired. He is accomplished in guitar, bass, piano, organ, and clarinet, and arranges and composes many of the family group’s musical numbers.  Ron’s favorite color is blue, and he says he “digs shy girls.”

Mark: Banjo, bass, organ, piano and the violin are included in 8 year old Mark’s talents, who also goes for pizza in a big way, as well as baseball and swimming.

Marsha: Blue-eyed, brown-haired Marsha is a whiz on the drums and also plays flute.  She is 14, a sophomore in high school, loves Italian food, and prefers “guys that are easy to talk to.”

Gary: 17 years old, with blue eyes and red hair, Gary is planning to major in trumpet in college, with a minor in religion.  He likes football, and does his own arranging and composing.

Pat: Another “carrot-top” of the family, Pat is 16, and loves all sports, especially tennis and swimming.  She composes and arranges much of their music, and plays the organ, oboe, and piano.

Brett: Bret is 10 years old, and plays bass and sax for the group.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and like brother Ron, prefers “shy girls”. ”

Side One:

Vehicle Medley

What A Feeling

Add A Little Beauty

I Believe In You

Love Medley


Side 2:

2001-Joy-Climb Every Mountain

You’re My Girl




“Happiness on 14 Feet!”

“…That’s what television personality Merv Griffin had to say after viewing a performance by this talented family group of two sisters and five brothers…The Rhodes Kids!  Their incredible rise to stardom began only two years ago, from playing pizza parlors and civic gatherings to today, performing with the cream of show business personalities (as well as Elvis, himself!)…in such showplaces as the Las Vegas Hilton, the Sahara Tahoe, Astroworld, Disneyland in Anaheim, and Houston’s Shamrock-Hilton, as well as numerous conventions and fairs all over the country.  They have appeared on Jerry Lewis’ annual telethon and the Merv Griffin television shows, and have drawn rave notices from such famed performers as Duke Ellington, Wayne Newton, and countless others.  As far as The Rhodes Kids are concerned, seven is their lucky number, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of young Americans!”

Listen to the full album on youtube!

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