Transition: Bill, Dave, and Mary (early 1970’s?) Bridge Productions Inc.

DSC_0598   DSC_0599

Looking for the odd and strange records that nobody else wants can be a good thing. Like a thinking man’s wine crafted in small batches, taste improving after each sip, the listener feels more rewarded instead of the immediacy of most well-known (and heard) recordings. In my teens,  twenties, and even thirties, I would have passed by most of the records that are in my collection now.

Transition is definitely one of those records that my immature self would’ve tossed aside, or used for target practice and went instead for a better copy of x Zeppelin album. But taste and preference is subjective, right?

The religious undertones aside, Transition is a lovely folk-inspired album that is reminiscent of Chuck and Mary Perrin’s privately pressed albums from around the same time period with the same beautiful male and female harmony.

The first side of the album flows rather nicely. At first I thought that I needed to adjust my turntable, since the intro of “The Beginning”, sounded as if the belt was slipping. It wasn’t. The song features some experimental studio trickery to keep up with the times.


Side two, starts out with a news broadcast about Hitler invading Poland. Mary takes over the lead and sings about how things will be ‘okay with some pink lemonade’.

‘The Wrong Thing’, the next song, starts out slowly, singing…”maybe you don’t like the buckles on his shoes…”, however the chorus balances out the song with faster guitar strumming and more authoritative vocals.

‘There’s Gotta Be More’, features piano, bass, and drums primarily with a sparingly used organ and guitar to accompany the trio. “A mirror  on the wall reflecting a familiar face”

The album’s last song, ‘I Cannot Deny It’ is probably the most dramatic of the bunch. It’s basically a song about Jesus, and even though you make your “Jesus jokes, he still loves you.

In closing, the album definitely isn’t perfect, but that is the charm. In the day of computer corrected vocals and pitch, Transition is an album that is welcomed on my turntable any day.

Listen to the Full LP on Youtube


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