Danny Schloss: Dreams and Illusions Verve Forecast 196?


From that crazy multi-colored geometrical pattern on the front, the buyer of this record must’ve thought that they were getting something far out. They did. Kind of. I suppose it depends on what the listener considers far out: Stockhausen or a blender full of various styles and influences cobbled together, just barely holding form. If you’ve pretty much heard everything under the sun, and are tired of polish and togetherness, then this album is certainly up your alley for its hard to pin weirdness.

I will add, while the album is certainly an enjoyable listen, and Danny writes all of his own songs some songs might be a deterrent depending on how you like your music.

The first song, In a Dream, is complete with lots of violins and vocals concerning one of the Hindu beliefs that life is just a dream.

Jackson Illusion has a reed section straight from a 1940’s big band, in a good way. Like the previous song, copious amounts of Latin percussion are tossed in. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes and enjoy!

Hey Don’t Worry, is a short tune that sounds like it could have been on a Liza Minnelli presented by the Singer Sewing Company album. Fun.

Walk Softly has a nice piano rhythm predominantly featured that gives it a subtle Eastern feel, minus the sitar.

Pot of Gold has some baritone and alto sax mixed with some flute. The Latin percussion is pushed to the back to let Danny sing about how your pot of gold is inside you.

In Another Time, the orchestration is more restrained, except for the unexpected guitar and harp freakouts which helps to turn out an introspective number about falling in another time.

Side two begins with It’s a Funny Situation. It features some click click guitars, harp, and some bubbly fender bass lines a la The Free Design. Throw in an soprano sax solo and you have yourself a winner.

The next song, Little Earthmen kind of has a r&b romp to the music, sort of between the Supremes and Dionne Warwick with jazzy orchestrations thrown in for good measure, except with of course Danny singing the lyrics.

You Let it Hurricane starts out with a haunting bassoon and flute interlude. A down-tempo number which prepares us for the closing-Woo hoo..chasin the dragon, which is very Scooby Doo(ish). It sounds like it could have been in an episode where the villain was a comical, yet deviant dragon. The song eventually familiarizes itself after about ten listens, so it’s not terrible. The slithering violins give it just enough strangeness and place the listener directly in the greatness and mixed upness of Mr. Danny Schloss’ psyche.

Listen to Dreams and Illusions on youtube

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