Music I Love, (And You Should Too!) … Different Types of Music For Your Ears

It’s always a great idea to have an open mind when listening to music. It is really easy to get stuck in one genre for many years at a time. That is why I have created these sites below to help expand your musical tastes. So listen to the albums on these sites and perhaps you’ll discover something you didn’t think that you would like. Enjoy!

If you like a country twinge to your music, then be sure to check out the link below:

Country Rock and Folk Records You Need

If Psychedelia is your flair, check be sure to check out:

Psychedelic Records You Should Own

Read up on how to keep your system sounding tops at

Lp Cleaning and Needle Care

A Wishlist of Records That Should Be Kept in Print. (Feel Free to Add Your Own List As Well)

Reissue Wish List

Want to search for that special album, but don’t want to look through pages and pages of garbage?  Then use

Vinyl Records . Me

The site features a customized search engine I use when I want to buy an album without the mess. *

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