Vonda Van Dyke: New Kind Of Happiness

Buy the Lp Here

A gem from the Word record label. I bought this lp, digitized it, so I could listen to it in my car, and off we went. It started to snow. Hard. Blowing and drifting large flakes of lake effect made the roads unmanageable. We pulled over to get a snack out from the trunk, and decided to get back on the road. Just as we were pulling onto the interstate, a fire truck blasted past our car, which startled the both of us.

Driving along at about 20 mph and still sliding, we finally caught up with the fire truck. We learned later that there was a 16-car pile up, which if we hadn’t stopped, we would have been part of the accident. Vonda’s album was the soundtrack to the beginning of our journey, and it protected us from the horrific accident.

Her sunshine(y) vocals will melt away the snow and whatever bad stuff is out there, so you can enjoy life. Go Vonda!

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