The Hi Lo’s Happen to Bossa Nova


Happen to Bossa Nova


Ever wonder what those smooth singing Brazilians were saying in Portuguese? Well, now you can finally know. Done by a super white vocal group with their take on the songs of Brazil–sang in English of course!

Okay, I admit it, I will buy any bossa-nova album or “goes latin” album, just because:

a) it is really awful sounding    b) it’s done by a very ‘square’  artist      c) it might actually be a fun album.

This album has all three! It will slowly grow on you, especially if you like your music square, full of clichés, and  not in fashion.

This album isn’t totally weird, but it does have some strange an corny elements to the songs. However, that said, The Hi-Lo’s can certainly sing and if you like your harmonies close, then this album sure has them in spades.

Listen before you buy below:

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